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What is the Wizzdom Game?
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What is theWizzdom Game?
This amazing game from Australia has arrived in America to remind us what is good about being human. We are so often left confused by the mixed messages today, and this simple, subtle, honest experience reminds us gently about how great we are and what wonderful potential we have.

It is a simple design set in a game format that uses common sense rules and a series of activities to reactivate a code to live by, which elevates our sense of value and enables the quality of peace within. When we are at peace with ourselves, we are part of what makes the world work effectively and efficiently in a peaceful harmonizing way.

It was developed 20 years ago by a father who wanted to simply have a richer relationship with his children. Through the playing of games he wanted to communicate
essential values and ideas for his children to grow into as productive responsible human beings. Today they are. Along the way, he discovered that there was a profound impact happening to the many people he played with. A heightened awareness of the body and the mind occured and while the efficiency of our cognitive mind developed greatly, what became very amazing was the uplift in emotional intelligence that began to harmonize both sides of the brain and develop our natural intuitive nature. In listening to and learning to trust our intuition, what he discovered was that everyone who played had greater capacity for positive change for themselves and in doing so became more peaceful within... and it was fun!

Rave reviews have been shared throughout Australia for corporations, organizations, communities and in schools. While the focus has been that anyone can develop themselves more fully with the game, the focus is on community building, in particular where all community comes from... the family. No matter what age, this program can help families develop, individuals develop, corporations and communities develop trust in themselves and trust in others. Read Testimonials

This experiential play and learning is designed through a series of 32 games which are meant to be played regularly to heighten the awareness and develop more of body-mind-soul connection through application of it. It has made a difference in classrooms from grade school to college, in institutions and in a variety of business organizations and communities throughout Australia and now America, it has landed on our shores to begin to learn more about ourselves in a whole new way, through the simplicity of play...What's not to love?

Consider what Play can do for you?


Play for the fun of it

Play in a way that recalls your carefree childlike sense

Play to develop your sense of joy

Play to awaken dormant abilities

Play to activate new abilities

Play to develop yourself
(personal development that is fun)

Play to become what you want in life

Play to become more focused and lazer

Play to develop more meaningful communication

Play to engage with others more purposefully

Play to elevate your mood

Play to Increase your contribution

Play to inspire capabilities

Play to become more efficient and effective in all you do

Play to Professionally develop

Play to remember your passion

Play makes learning fun and easier to do

Play to create more peace in the world
it does begin with you

Play to create more joy in the world
Laughter comes from Play

Play to create more love in the world
Learn to love yourself so much more and you will love others and be loved more than ever before

Come Play with Your Potential

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Wizzdom Game Workshops

Des Plaines, IL
Wednesday Night Wellness
April 23, April 30 and May 7

Experience the Game
The Wellness Circle at the Dance Building
1330 Webford Des Plaines, IL

Des Plaines, IL
Saturday May 10
Intuitive Play Workshop
Course Fee: $99
10am - 4pm
The Dance Building
1330 Webford Ave
Des Plaines, IL

Atlanta, GA
The Southern Fried Laughter Conferfence

Intuitive Play Workshop
(Post Conference)

Course Fee: $99
Monday May 19
10am - 4pm
Hotel Capital Park
450 Capital Avenu, S. E

Atlanta, GA

Des Plaines, IL
Saturday June 7

Intuitive Play Workshop
Course Fee: $99
10am - 4pm
The Dance Building
1330 Webford Ave
Des Plaines, IL

Des Plaines, IL
June 20-22

Play Immersion Weekend Workshop
Course Fee: $450
Fri 7:30 - 9:30pm
Sat 9am - 5pm
Sun 9am -
The Dance Building
1330 Webford Ave
Des Plaines, IL

Palos Hills, IL
Monday June 30
For Educators -
Parents welcome too!

Wisdom for the Classroom
Course ES4-252-170
(6 CPDU's Offered)

Course Fee: $99
9am - 4pm
Moraine Valley College
1111 Palos
Palos Hills, IL
Room T910
Register by June 20

more information at - scroll to pg 38

Indianapolis, IN
June 2014

The Wizzdom Experience
Fri 6-9:00pm
Intuitive Play Workshop
Sat 9am - 4pm
Location TBA

Play with Your Potential
Intuitive Play and Beyond
Join us in India
August - September
Mumbai and Bangalore
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Want the Wizzdom Game to Come to Your Area?
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What You Can Expect
32 simple and fun activities that will awaken your purpose in life and how you want to live it. Go beyond your knowledge base and exercise your wisdom and natural intuitive nature.

Fun ways to learn how to relax in stressful situations and to naturally be at your very best. Wizzdom helps to reveal your natural abilities, as powerful resources when we tap into them.
Most don’t understand wisdom, this game explains how to access it through fun experience.

Wizzdom is probably the simplest, least stressful and most playful personal development process
Wizzdom can prove to you, through fun experience, how special you really are.
People who develop a Wizzdom ‘attitude’, become much more capable in any field they choose.
Playing Wizzdom will help you learn to be ‘in the moment’, with the inner confidence to effectively deal with any situation consciously, instead of your past programming determining how you react. This is Freedom!

In a workshop, you can learn more of the intricate nature in a shorter amount of time and then go on to personally develop with your own game more significantly. Facilitated, a Wizzdom Guide can offer you more of the wisdom the game offers in more depth, with explanations and with more introspective realization. .

Benefits You Can Experience
TRUST - Learn to Trust yourself...Trust that you know what to do...Learn to Trust others
In the 32 games, you will learn to use more of your natural senses and not just rely
on what you see. When you learn to trust what is innate and natural, you learn more trust in yourself and that of others around you.
You will trust more of what you do in the game setting and find it becomes more of what you feel safe and comfortable to do in life.

when intent is defined, move towards it with a clear mind.
Playing with purpose allows more of a "safe" territory to explore the idea of setting simple intentions and then being able to carry it out in real wold experiences. Wizzdom provides that safe platform to explore, experience and excite the realities with the possibilities.

Emotionsunderstand them and we enjoy freedom.
Our cognitive and emotional mind often vie for attention and we sometimes see each as conflict. In the game we learn to think and feel independently and then use them collaboratively to effectively communicate what is true and what is real with efficiency.

Rapid learning absorb like a young child.
There is a lazer like focus that one adopts after playing the game over time or in a workshop experience. It is the repeated exposure that is done in the workshop and the variety of experiences that elevate the reflexes and align our thoughts, emotions and actions for more efficient and timely results.

Attitude adopt a ‘just do it’ mindset.
We've heard and seen so many advertisements motivating us to just do it, and often we are blocked by our own lack of personal trust in ourselves. Through the games one can adopt a confidence that is empowering and beyond distraction to identify purpose and practicality and then move towards it in a more positive mindset.

Heighten Multiple sensespowerful tools to exercise.
In playing Wizzdom, one can't help but to begin to listen differently using more of the body and multiple sensory skills we naturally possess. When we cover our eyes, we must depend upon our ability to hear, smell and even sense what is happening around us. The game develops more of our 39 sensory skills to heighten our awareness and function.

Multiple communication skills mostly non verbal.
We speak much with our bodies and convey more when we say less. The Wizzdom game appreciates simplicity and thorughout the games, gives us opportunity to loose the unecessary from our overall communication and to clarify our communication with efficiency.

Intuition learn what to listen to, understand and trust it.
We don't often trust our intuitive nature, though each of us has an indepth hunch, feeling or sudden curiosity that sparks at certain times to give us insight, warn us or communicate what we are aware of but do not pay attention to. The Wizzdom game heightens our intuitive nature in simple and easy ways that help us learn more about this hidden side of ourselves in a safe and caring environment. Played in our workshops, safety is ever a factor and soon it transfers to the participants. When we are safe, we are more willing to trust, learn and grow.

Wisdom the synergy of all natural abilities.
In Wizzdom, we learn wisdom. The wisdom of what we are capable of, how to develop our skills and use what is innate and natural to us all. As we play the game, it seems fun and natural, though soon participants can discover that they are capable of more than they think they are, and how to trust themselves and be curious.

Experience a Workshop:
Introductory l Introductory Intuitive Play Workshop l Weekend Immersion

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The Welcome Experience
Introductory Sampler Experience

Two to three hours of play will introduce individuals to the experience, Everyone can play, all are welcome. After the Introductory experience, explore the Intuitive Play and Weekend Immersions to really open up what you are indeed capable of.
Course Fee: $15 -20 per person (at our location ) Register

The Intuitive Play Workshop
Introductory Intuitive Play Workshop

This is a six hour workhshop set in a quiet and comfortable environment. The Wizzdom Game provides just the right meaningful experiences to help you to awaken your inner qualities and understand the natural intuition we all have. The process is much like building a puzzle piece by piece as individuals move from the comfort of what they learned to understand in amassing a knowledge base, to exploring more of the emotional and intuitive nature of our mind for a more complete comprehension and more developed response and reaction. In six hours, learn something most will not in a lifetime

Course Fee: $99 Take the First Step
This game can be created for any group, family, school or organization in two half day workshops, two hour workshops over five consecutive weeks, or weekly hour sessions

The Weekend Immersion
Introductory Intuitive Play Workshop

Understanding more of how your innate abilities function, you can recognise your body and brain as an organic computer. Highly efficient and incredibly responsive with an amazing intelligence and a vast range of natural programs just waiting for you to use. As your awareness of these abilities increase, you begin to appreciate wisdom to be the sum total of these abilities. Your body doesn’t think, it just ‘does’ and a brain in slumber will only respond to what it has been taught as most people live within these confines. Understanding Wisdom will release you from any limitations that control how we think and act. One we learn to take control, we enjoy personal freedom! You will also know how the body communicates through feelings and you will naturally struggle to cope with daily life until you learn to awaken your natural abilities. The Wizzdom Game is so important because it offers all people the opportunity to develop this great awareness. Complete step one at least once and then join us in step two.

This is a three part workshop, once per week or over a full weekend
Course Fee: $450 Expand what you know
Prerequisite: Introductory Intuitive Workshop (Six Hours)

Register for a 2014 Workshop Below

Workshop Payment

Come Play!

How to Bring this to You?

Weekend Workshop
(Fri - Sun)
Weekday Workshops
(full day, half day, over several days)
As a part of a conference
(90 Min - 3 hour breakout session)
Ongoing Series
(one - three hour consecutive weekly sessions)
(As a part of your retreat (min 3 hours) or as a whole Retreat Growth Experience)

Questions: (847) 401-5787

The game itself requires little preparation and all necessary items will be brought by the Wizzdom Guide. An open space for free movement, free of safety hazards and a circle of chairs to accomodate seated experiences will be all that is necessary on your part.

How Wizzdom Benefits your Group
No matter what type of group you gather, there will be a positive outcome when individuals group together to play with purpose. Sometimes it is just for fun and to interact socially in the vital and healthy sense of play. Play is where we sort out what is necessary to the game of life and what is not.

Groups benefit because they grow more respectful of other members. There is as much to learn in the play from being the person on task to the person who is support or the target. While the game shows us our individual capabilities, it also can raise awareness for the strengths each becomes as a part of the whole. When individuals can learn to trust themselves and find the confidence to be the integral part they wish to be, the group as a whole benefits.
read more on the benefits and note whether it relates to your group

How Wizzdom Benefits your Family
Families are the corner stone for every society as they are the basis for how the parts fit into the whole. Families that have respect, compassion, and confidence are families that communicate and relate integrally. The Wizzdom Game was designed for the family as the inventor created specifically for his own children, knowing that he wanted to be a special part of their lives to foster healthy vibrant contribuiting members to society. What he didn't expect was how much he grew in the process and became the same in turn.

Each of the games of Wizzdom create more significant insight into the capabilities and skills of each family member that becomes more visible as the game is explored. Because it is set in play, it becomes a fun way to grow, learn and relate to each other. Trust is important to everyone as is the element of respect. The simple rules that are followed in the game elevate the status of each family member and give the space and time for all to find their own unique and familial expressions. It is where a family can begin to join together, communicate truthfully and heighten appreciation of each member.
read more on the benefits and note whether it relates to family

How it Benefits your School
Whether it is grade school or college, The Wizzdom Game levels the playing field and stops the power struggles that can undermine classroom management. In a short time, a classroom can become a cohesive unit as children are ready to grasp what is fun in learning when they feel safe. The simple rules attached to this game effectively create that safe space and accord a respect among peers.

Students can begin to identify ways to work collaboratively while learning creativity through vital play. In its essence, The Wizzdom Game is a series of games that kids can relate to as they are fun and active. They are set up in structured ways to produce an understanding of how we succeed and fail in a game experience to our life experiences.

Classes that have played this game have become more productive, creative, on task, collaborative, respectful, solution oriented and global minded in their approach to learning.
read more on the benefits and note whether it relates to educational institutions

How it Benefits your Organization
As Wizzdom creates a level playing field, the power struggles within organizations seem to grow more collaboratively as the game progresses.. In the spirit of play, much is absorbed as play is such a healthy vehicle for stress release and to put things into practical perspective. Confidence is inspired in this game and an employee that will speak up and contribute more becomes an asset to any organization.

When employees believe they are valued and their concerns are met, the need to find a safe place dissolves and in the playing of this game, a safe place is found so that each participant can find and trust more of their own identity, skills and empowerment. The games address productivity so that what is necessary becomes the focus. The more the game is played the more lazer the focus and efficiency.

Collaborative communication learned through this game becomes insightful as more trust themselves and what they contribute. In the end the organization benefits from employees with a heightened sense of emotional intelligence, more developed sensory awareness with acute focus and the ability to listen and communicate effectively.
Read more on the benefits and note whether it relates to corporate and business organization